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This Week's Top AI & Tech Highlights from Around the Globe (Through March 31, 2024)

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Antelope Canyon, USA, by Adam’s Creatoins.

Hello AI Citizens,

This week in AI and tech, Amazon boosts investment in AI startup Anthropic to $4 billion, AI videos are getting scarily real, Microsoft broadens reach of Copilot Pro AI assistant, OpenAI teams up to explore earnings for GPT creators, AI chatbots speed ahead of Moore's Law, the debate and potential of Humanoid robots, and more!

Jakub Porzycki | Nurphoto | Getty Images

Amazon Boosts Investment in AI Startup Anthropic to $4 Billion

Amazon is doubling down on its support for artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, with an additional $2.75 billion investment, bringing the total investment to $4 billion. This move underscores Amazon's commitment to staying competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology, amidst a broader spending surge among cloud providers vying for dominance in this technological revolution. Source: CNBC

HeyGen’s post on X/twitter.

AI Videos Are Getting Scarily Real

AI technology has advanced to transform video clips, allowing subjects to speak any text in any language while retaining their original gestures and tone. HeyGen's technology syncs lip movements perfectly with the chosen words, leading to intense debates about the authenticity of such AI-generated videos. This capability not only confuses viewers but also highlights the blurring line between AI-generated content and reality, offering vast possibilities for creating tailored video content across various platforms. Source: HeyGen

Microsoft Copilot. Source: Microsoft.

Microsoft Broadens Reach of Copilot Pro AI Assistant

Microsoft is extending its Copilot Pro service to 222 countries, offering a $20 monthly subscription after its initial launch for consumers. To attract users, a free one-month trial is available. Copilot Pro provides early access to the newest OpenAI models, customization of personal AI Copilots, and integration with Office apps. Previously limited to Microsoft 365 users, it's now accessible in free Office web apps, and plans are set to bring this feature to mobile apps, enhancing accessibility for users globally. Source: The Verge.

Open AI’s announcement on X/Twitter.

OpenAI Teams Up to Explore Earnings for GPT Creators

OpenAI is collaborating with a select group of U.S. builders to experiment with earnings based on GPT usage. The aim is to foster a dynamic environment where creators are incentivized for their contributions, with a focus on creativity and impact. OpenAI looks forward to working closely with builders to refine this approach and create a thriving ecosystem. Source: Open AI.

A semi-log plot of transistor counts for microprocessors against dates of introduction, nearly doubling every two years. Source: Wikipedia.

AI Chatbots Speed Ahead of Moore's Law

A study by Besiroglu's team on 231 large language models (LLMs) from 2012 to 2023 showed a rapid improvement in AI efficiency. The research found that the computing power needed for these AI systems to meet specific benchmarks is cut in half every eight months. This rate of progress outpaces Moore's law, which states that computer chip performance doubles every 18 to 24 months. Source: NewScientist 

“Somme Requiem” is a short film made by Los Angeles production company Myles. Every shot was generated using Runway's Gen 2 model. The clips were then edited together by a team of video editors at Myles.

The Future of Generative Video Technology

Starting in late 2022, companies like Meta, Google, and Runway began developing technology to create videos from text. Although initial results were low-quality, recent advances have led to high-definition, realistic videos. Some people believe these improvements could drastically change the film industry. As this technology evolves, there are both positive and negative aspects to consider. Source: Technology Review.

Each sensor, shown here next to a U.S. dime (akin to a euro cent), mimics how the brain's neurons send signals through spikes of electrical activity. Credit Nick Dentamaro - Brown University.

Tiny Brain-Inspired Sensors Could Transform Neuroscience

Scientists at Brown University have created miniature sensors, as small as a grain of salt, that mimic the brain's functions. These tiny devices are part of a wireless system aimed at understanding brain activity better. They could lead to breakthroughs in implantable devices for reading brain signals. Source: IEEE.

Figure 01 can now have full conversations with people.

The Debate and Potential of Humanoid Robots

Opinions on humanoid robots vary, with some experts believing in their future in factories and others doubtful. However, there's agreement that the research will yield valuable results, similar to how NASA's moon landing led to inventions used in everyday life. The work on humanoid robots promises to bring significant advancements, regardless of their direct application in industries. Source: Tech Crunch.

The new technique opens significant extra bandwidth in existing fiber optic cables. Image generated by DALL-E

Record-Breaking Data Speeds Achieved in Fiber Optics

Researchers have achieved the fastest data transmission rate ever recorded using a single optical fiber, transmitting data 4.5 million times faster than typical broadband speeds. This breakthrough demonstrates the potential for ultra-high-speed data transfer with existing materials. Source: New Atlas.  

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Top 50 Gen AI Web Products List Unveiled by Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) recently released the updated "Top 50 Gen AI Web Products" list, which is a more recent iteration compared to the one published six months ago. Below are the top 50 products ranked by unique monthly visits.

This Week's AI Tool Highlights

  • Eightify: Summarizes YouTube videos.

  • Gamma: Assists in creating presentations.

  • Phind: Acts as a coding assistant and search engine.

  • Speechify: Converts text to audio, featuring celebrity voices.

The Certified AI Profession in Education (CAIP-E) Program Curriculum.

As digital innovation reshapes education, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a transformative force. AI tools, from adaptive learning platforms to tutoring systems, streamline tasks and personalize learning experiences. Educators transition from instructors to facilitators, focusing on critical thinking and creativity. However, it's crucial to view AI as an enhancement, not a replacement, for the human connection in education. Through responsible integration, educators can harness AI's potential to shape the future of teaching and learning.

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