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Through May 12, 2024

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This week in The AI Citizen:

  • AlphaFold 3 Predicts Structures of All Life’s Molecules.

  • OpenAI to Launch AI-Powered Search Engine on Monday.

  • Dubai to Appoint Chief AI Officers in All Government Entities.

  • DeepMind Tests Nearly Indestructible Robot Hand.

  • Wayve Secures $1B for Versatile Self-Driving Tech.

  • US Tightens Regulations on Synthetic DNA.

  • Exploring Machine Unlearning for Safer and Cleaner AI Models.

  • Whale Song Reveals Complex 'Phonetic Alphabet'.

  • US Leads AI Race, China Lags Behind.

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AlphaFold 3 Predicts Structures of All Life’s Molecules

DeepMind’s AlphaFold 3, developed with Isomorphic Labs, can now predict the structures and interactions of nearly all molecules, including proteins, DNA, and RNA. Using a diffusion process, it starts with a cloud of atoms and refines them to find the most accurate structure. This breakthrough could greatly enhance our understanding of biology and lead to major medical advances. Source: Google.

OpenAI Allegedly Recruiting Google Employees for New Search Product. Digital Art by Adams Creations

OpenAI is expected to announce a new AI-driven search product on Monday, potentially challenging Google's search dominance. This announcement comes just before Google’s annual I/O conference, where Google will showcase its own AI advancements, including models like Gemini and Gemma. Source: The Verge.

Dubai to Appoint Chief AI Officers in All Government Entities

Dubai has unveiled a plan to appoint Chief AI Officers across all government entities as part of its Dubai Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence. This initiative aims to enhance digital integration and boost economic productivity, aligning with Dubai’s broader digital transformation goals. Source: Khaleej Times.

The Shadow Hand robotic device was built to withstand collision damage. Shadow Robot Company

DeepMind Tests Nearly Indestructible Robot Hand

DeepMind, in collaboration with the UK-based Shadow Robot Company, is testing a highly resilient robotic hand. This advanced hand can open and close in just 500 milliseconds and apply a fingertip pinch with 10 newtons of force. Remarkably durable, it endures repeated impacts from pistons and hammer strikes without damage. Source: NewScientist.

Alex Kendall CEO, Wayve.

Wayve Secures $1B for Versatile Self-Driving Tech

Wayve has raised $1 billion to expand its "Embodied AI" technology, a hardware-agnostic, mapless platform designed for self-driving. This platform, which learns from human behavior across various environments, aims to serve both carmakers and robotics companies in diverse industries. Source: Techcrunch.

US Tightens Regulations on Synthetic DNA

The US is increasing control over synthetic DNA production as new technology makes it faster and cheaper to create custom gene sequences. These advancements allow for innovative applications, such as developing new medicines and crops. However, with AI, entirely new DNA sequences can be designed, which could also create harmful organisms. This regulatory effort aims to ensure safety as these powerful technologies evolve. Source: Wired.

Exploring Machine Unlearning for Safer and Cleaner AI Models

As machine learning models grow in size and complexity, the need for "machine unlearning"—removing specific data influences without retraining from scratch—becomes crucial. This process helps edit out unwanted data like private information, outdated knowledge, or harmful content. Initially driven by privacy laws like the EU's "right-to-be-forgotten," the concept now extends to addressing copyright issues, biases, and toxic behaviors in AI models. By refining techniques and policies, machine unlearning aims to make AI safer and more ethical, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and societal needs. Source: Stanford AI Lab

Whale Song Reveals Complex 'Phonetic Alphabet'

New research has uncovered that sperm whale clicks, or codas, form a sophisticated "phonetic alphabet," comparable to human language. Studying whales near Dominica, scientists found that these clicks have four basic components, allowing whales to create complex communication patterns. This discovery, involving extensive underwater recording, reveals the potential for sperm whales to have a nuanced language system. Understanding this could significantly impact conservation efforts, helping to reduce risks like ship collisions and ocean noise pollution. Source: Nytimes

US Leads AI Race, China Lags Behind

The US significantly outpaces China in AI innovation, bolstered by export restrictions on advanced chips and AI models. These measures have stunted China’s progress, leaving its top model, Qwen-Max, far behind in global rankings. Despite this, Alibaba and Baidu report growing user bases for their AI chatbots.

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  • HeadshotPro: Professional business headshots without a physical photo shoot.

  • Taplio: Grow super fast on LinkedIn.

  • Klap: Get ready to publish TikToks, Reels, Shorts from YouTube videos in a click.

  • FocuSee: Turn your screen recordings into catchy videos automatically.

  • VoiceCheap: Translates and dubs videos into 30 languages.

  • LandingSite: Build websites in less than 5 minutes.

Chief AI Officer Program Launch by World AI University (WAIU)

World AI University is introducing the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) program, a focused 2-week (20 hours) executive training program running from June 10-21, 2021. This program is crafted to equip executives, CXOs, and leaders from both government and private sectors with critical AI leadership skills necessary for today's dynamic technological landscape.

Program Highlights:

  • AI Leadership Skills: Develop the ability to evaluate and enhance your organization’s AI capabilities.

  • Strategic Initiative Leadership: Learn to spearhead and manage AI-driven projects and initiatives.

  • Mastering Generative AI Tools: Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge generative AI technologies.

  • AI Integration: Explore effective strategies to incorporate AI tools into your organization’s operations.

  • Successful AI Adoption: Ensure smooth and impactful AI implementation within your organization.

  • Capstone Project: Apply your skills to a real-world project, demonstrating practical AI integration.

Upcoming Cohorts: For those interested in future sessions, cohorts are available in July, August, and September.

Secure your seats early as there’s a limited capacity of 25 leaders per cohort. We look forward to your participation!

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