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This week in The AI Citizen:

  • Scientists Create Lifelike Robot Face with Living Skin

  • AI Clones for Meetings

  • Nvidia Faces Braindrain as Wealthy Employees Retire

  • Concerns Rise Over OpenAI’s Pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence for Profit

  • The Future of Deepfakes

  • Joby Aviation Prepares for Autonomous Air Taxis with Strategic Acquisition

  • The Age of the Drone Police

  • Meta's Large-Scale Language Model Training

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Scientists Create Lifelike Robot Face with Living Skin

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a robot face covered with lab-grown living skin made from human cells. This innovative skin can perform realistic facial expressions, self-heal, and retain moisture, significantly advancing over traditional silicone coverings. While it currently lacks sensory neurons and features like nails, future improvements aim to address these limitations, potentially revolutionizing humanoid robots and prosthetics. Source: New York Post

AI Clones for Meetings

Zoom's CEO, Eric Yuan, envisions a future where AI-generated digital twins can attend meetings on behalf of users. This deepfake avatar technology aims to increase productivity by allowing individuals to focus on more critical tasks while their AI handles routine meetings. Yuan believes that AI can create "digital twins" that not only attend meetings but also make decisions, freeing up valuable time for personal and professional priorities. Source: The Verge.

Employees Who Joined Nvidia 5 Years Ago Now Millionaires And Coasting In 'Semi-Retirement'. Credit: Yahoo Finance

Nvidia Faces Braindrain as Wealthy Employees Retire

Nvidia is facing a brain-drain problem as senior engineers and employees retire early due to the high value of their stock options. Many have amassed significant wealth, with some retiring with millions from stock options, leading to shifts into "semi-retirement." CEO Jensen Huang has addressed the issue, emphasizing responsible wealth management. Despite this, Nvidia's attractive corporate culture and booming AI sector continue to drive growth. Source: Restera

Photo:Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Kubkoo/Getty Images

Concerns Rise Over OpenAI’s Pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence for Profit

Insiders at OpenAI have raised concerns over the organization's shift towards aggressive pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI), prioritizing profit and growth. The company's transformation from a nonprofit research lab to a for-profit entity has sparked internal debates about the ethical and safety implications of developing AGI, which aims to create machines capable of performing any intellectual task that a human can. Source: The New York Times

Illustration by Matteo Giuseppe Pani

The Future of Deepfakes

The recent Indian elections showcased extensive use of deepfake technology, raising concerns about its impact on democracy. Despite fears of deepfakes altering voter preferences, the elections also demonstrated how synthetic media could shape political campaigns and future elections globally. Source: The Atlantic

Credit: Joby

Joby Aviation Prepares for Autonomous Air Taxis with Strategic Acquisition

Joby Aviation’s acquisition of Xwing, a company specializing in autonomous flight technology, marks a significant step toward pilotless air taxis. This move positions Joby to leverage autonomous flight advancements for future commercial use, with Xwing having conducted numerous autonomous test flights. Source: The Verge.

Credit: Wired

The Age of the Drone Police

A Wired investigation reveals the extensive use of drones by the Chula Vista Police Department, marking the advent of police drone surveillance. These drones provide critical intelligence, reducing response times and unnecessary police contacts. However, the widespread use of drones raises privacy concerns, as they frequently capture footage of individuals unrelated to incidents being monitored. The Chula Vista program serves as a model for other cities, highlighting the balance between enhanced public safety and privacy rights. Source: Wired

Meta's Large-Scale Language Model Training

Meta is tackling the immense computational demands of training large language models (LLMs) by innovating across their infrastructure stack. This involves ensuring hardware reliability, efficient failure recovery, and optimal GPU connectivity. They use advanced scheduling algorithms, high-performance hardware, and robust network infrastructures like RoCE and InfiniBand to handle vast data transfers. These efforts support the training of large models, such as Llama 3, while adapting their data centers to maximize compute capabilities under existing resource constraints. Source: Meta

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This Week's AI Tool Highlights 

Episode #3 - The Trip

In September 2071, Samar, a 48-year-old woman, embarked on a one-year journey into the hyper-realistic digital reality of PlanetX, where she explored a utopian existence far beyond the limitations of the physical world. This experience brought her profound joy and helped her overcome depression. However, upon her return in September 2072, she was devastated to learn that her best friend Sofia had died from a heart attack while engaging in an experimental horror game on PlanetX. Grief-stricken yet resolute, Samar decided to return to PlanetX for an extended stay, seeking solace in the digital presence of Sofia’s AI replica, hoping to recapture the happiness that reality had cruelly taken from her.

Chief AI Officer (CAIO) Program: An AI Leadership Odyssey

World AI University proudly presents the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) program, an intensive two-week (20-hour) executive training course. Tailored for executives, CXOs, and leaders from both the public and private sectors, this interactive program aims to develop critical AI leadership skills vital in today's rapidly evolving technological environment. Participants will engage in lively discussions and network with global leaders, sharing insights on AI transformation within various organizations.

Program Highlights:

  • AI Leadership Skills: Cultivate the skills to assess and elevate your organization’s AI capabilities.

  • Strategic Initiative Leadership: Employ our practical frameworks to construct your AI business case, leading and managing AI-centric projects and initiatives.

  • Mastering Generative AI Tools: Hands-on training with the latest in generative AI technologies and automated workflows.

  • AI Integration: Learn to seamlessly integrate AI with effective strategies and frameworks into your organization’s processes.

  • AI Governance and Ethics: Establish a robust organizational AI governance model to ensure safe, ethical, and responsible AI usage.

  • Future of AI: Project the growth of your AI initiatives over the next 3-5 years, keeping pace with industry trends and advancements.

Networking and Continued Engagement

Graduates will become esteemed members of our World AI Council (WAIC), joining a global community of visionary leaders, domain experts, and policymakers. As members, you will have opportunities to speak at the World AI Forum, contribute to influential reports and policy documents, and share innovative project ideas with peers in the field.

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