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This Week's Top AI & Tech Highlights from Around the Globe (Through March 24, 2024)

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Hello AI Citizens,

This week in AI and tech, Anthropic's Claude turns down Saudi investment, OpenAI gears up for a summer GPT-5 launch, MidJourney expands into 3D and real-time simulation, the UN General Assembly adopts a landmark AI resolution, OpenAI’s Sora threatens to disrupt studio production, a paralyzed man plays chess using mind control, and more!

Anthropic Rejects Saudi Funding Amid AI Expansion.

Anthropic Rejected Saudi Funding 

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, Anthropic stands out not just for its innovative Claude series of LLMs but also for its principled investment strategy. Amidst keen interest from sovereign wealth funds and investors, Anthropic is charting a cautious course, turning down investment from Saudi sources due to national security and ethical concerns. This decision comes as the AI startup, now a formidable competitor to OpenAI, navigates the complexities of global finance and geopolitics. The move highlights the broader tech industry's ethical dilemmas, especially regarding Saudi Arabia's push to diversify its economy through tech investments amid ongoing human rights debates. Source: CNBC.

Credit: Justin Sullivan

OpenAI Sets Stage for GPT-5 Launch with Advanced AI Developments

OpenAI is gearing up to unveil GPT-5, the latest iteration of its acclaimed AI model, expected to launch in the summer. Pre-release demos have already showcased its superior capabilities. Concurrently, OpenAI is expanding its AI applications into humanoid robotics and realistic video generation, demonstrating the broadening scope and impact of its technological advancements. As the AI community eagerly anticipates GPT-5, OpenAI's thorough preparation and testing phases underscore its commitment to innovation and security in the AI landscape. Source: Seeking Alpha.

MidJourney Ventures Beyond Imagery into 3D World Simulation

MidJourney, known for its AI image generation, is venturing into 3D, video, and real-time world simulation. Revealed in a recent Discord session, the company is focusing on developing a comprehensive world model, hinting at a future where users can create video games or film movies in a virtual "open world sandbox." This strategic expansion marks MidJourney's transition from static image creation to dynamic, interactive environments, signaling a new frontier in AI-driven virtual experiences. Source: Tom’s Guide.

Musk's xAI Challenges OpenAI with Free Access to Grok

Elon Musk intensifies the AI competition by unveiling his latest endeavour, xAI, which offers unrestricted access to Grok, its large language model. This bold move sets Grok as a direct rival to OpenAI's GPT-4, the technology behind ChatGPT, breaking new ground in the AI race by eliminating cost barriers and promoting open-source engagement. Musk's strategic decision not only heats up his rivalry with OpenAI but also reshapes the landscape of AI development and accessibility. Source: The Atlantic

Saudi Arabia's PIF Plans To Create $40 Billion AI Fund

Saudi Arabia is setting up a massive $40 billion fund to propel its entry into the artificial intelligence sector, potentially becoming a dominant force in the field. This initiative, part of the nation's broader strategy to diversify its economy beyond oil, involves talks with leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and other financial entities. The fund aims to invest in various AI-related ventures, including chip manufacturing and data center operations, signaling Saudi Arabia's ambitious push to carve out a significant position in the global AI landscape. Source: New York Times.

UN adopts first global artificial intelligence resolution.

UN Unanimously Adopts Landmark Global AI Resolution

In a historic move, the United Nations General Assembly has unanimously passed the first global resolution on artificial intelligence, aimed at promoting human rights and data protection while monitoring AI risks. Spearheaded by the United States and backed by China and over 120 countries, the resolution emphasizes the importance of privacy and responsible AI governance, marking a significant step towards international cooperation in the digital age. Source: Reuters.  

Meta’s large-scale AI clusters

Meta Unveils Massive AI Infrastructure Expansion

Meta has taken a significant leap in AI development by announcing the creation of two 24k GPU clusters, marking a substantial investment in their AI capabilities. With a focus on high throughput and reliability, these clusters, built on open-source frameworks like Grand Teton, OpenRack, and PyTorch, are at the heart of training for cutting-edge models like Llama 3. Meta's commitment to open compute and innovation is clear, as they plan an extensive infrastructure build-out, including the integration of 350,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs by the end of 2024. This strategic move not only showcases Meta's dedication to leading in AI technology but also underscores the critical role of robust hardware infrastructure in the evolving landscape of generative AI and research. Source: Meta.

MM1 can perform in-context predictions thanks to its large-scale multimodal pre-training.

Apple Steps Into Multimodal AI Arena with MM1

In a significant stride towards advancing AI technology, Apple has discreetly introduced the MM1, a potent multimodal AI model adept at processing both images and text. Boasting up to 30 billion parameters, MM1 not only rivals Google's Gemini 1.0 in terms of capabilities but also brings the innovative feature of in-context learning, enabling it to adapt to new tasks without the need for retraining. Its ability to analyze and synthesize information from multiple images simultaneously showcases Apple's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI. With the recent release of MLX for developers and the acquisition of DarwinAI, Apple is poised to empower iOS app builders with this groundbreaking technology, heralding a new era of AI integration in mobile applications. Source: Wired.  

Credit: Google/Screenshot by Lisa Lacy/CNET

Apple Eyes Gemini AI from Google for iOS 18 Enhancements

Apple is in active discussions with Google to integrate the Gemini GenAI models into the upcoming iOS 18, aiming to enrich the iPhone with advanced AI features. Concurrently, Apple's engagement with OpenAI hints at a broader strategy to leverage cloud-based GenAI for text and image generation, complementing its own MM1 multimodal AI model. This potential partnership, anticipated to be announced at WWDC, reflects a strategic pivot in the tech landscape, showcasing Apple's commitment to enhancing its AI capabilities on the iPhone, while also indicating the rapidly evolving dynamics and alliances within the AI industry. Source: Bloomberg.

NVIDIA Unveils Project GROOT for Next-Gen Humanoid Robots

NVIDIA has launched Project GROOT (Generalist Robot 00 Technology), a pioneering foundation model set to revolutionize humanoid robotics and embodied AI. Project GROOT equips robots with the ability to comprehend natural language and replicate human movements, enhancing their coordination and interaction with the physical world. Revealed during the GTC keynote, the initiative also featured a demonstration of compact, NVIDIA-powered robots created by Disney Research. With this collaboration, NVIDIA and Disney are venturing into new territories of AI and robotics, aiming to innovate in animation, theme parks, and beyond, signifying a significant leap forward in robotic technology and AI applications. Source: Nvidia.

Permanently shadowed craters at the lunar poles are an area of interest for the resources they might harbor.

US Embarks on Pioneering Mission to Develop Lunar Economy

The United States, marking a significant shift in its space ambitions, is now actively laying the groundwork for an economy on the moon. With DARPA at the helm, the LunA-10 initiative collaborates with a diverse consortium of 14 companies, including space industry giants like Northrop Grumman and SpaceX, as well as non-traditional space entities like Nokia. These collaborations aim to explore the feasibility of essential services such as power and communications on the lunar surface, with a comprehensive report expected by June, signaling a new era in lunar exploration and economic expansion. Source: Arstechnica.

A paralyzed man control a computer and play chess using only his thoughts.

Neuralink has showcased a groundbreaking development in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, enabling a paralyzed man, Noland Arbaugh, to control a computer and play chess using only his thoughts. This milestone, achieved through the world's first Neuralink implant following Arbaugh's diving accident, heralds a new era in BCI development. While it's still the dawn of this technology, the implications are profound, suggesting a future where non-invasive devices could allow seamless mind-driven interaction with digital systems, transcending the limitations of traditional graphical user interfaces and opening doors to an intuitively connected digital-physical realm. Source: The Guirdian.  

CEO Jensen Huang speaks during the keynote address of Nvidia GTC in San Jose, Calif., Monday, March 18, 2024.

NVIDIA Unveils Blackwell Beast: A Giant Leap in AI Hardware

NVIDIA's latest marvel, the Blackwell Beast, represents a monumental stride in AI technology, offering a platform capable of handling trillion-parameter generative AI models. The new B200 GPU core of the Blackwell architecture delivers staggering performance improvements, boasting 20 petaflops of computing power and substantial energy and cost efficiencies. With its advanced technical features, including a second-generation transformer engine and a new NVLink switch, the Blackwell Beast sets a new benchmark for AI computational capabilities, underscoring NVIDIA's commitment to driving the future of large-scale AI applications. Source: Nvidia.

OpenAI Sora ‘could end studio production’

OpenAI's Sora Poised to Transform Hollywood, Faces Labor Challenges

OpenAI's launch of Sora represents a watershed moment for the TV and film industry, offering substantial efficiencies but also stirring fears of job losses among creatives. The technology's debut comes amid heightened sensitivity, with screenwriters and actors having voiced their apprehensions through strikes, seeking assurances against AI-driven displacement. OpenAI's strategy leans towards a collaborative and cautiously phased introduction of Sora, aiming to align with Hollywood's ecosystem while maintaining a veil of secrecy over partnership specifics. This delicate balancing act underscores the critical need for industry acceptance and the role of Sora as a tool meant to augment, not replace, human creativity in entertainment. Source: Bloomberg.

17th Edition 2024 Tech Trends Report. Credit: Future Today Institute.

Future Today Institute Releases Comprehensive 2024 Tech Trends Report

The Future Today Institute has launched its expansive 2024 Tech Trends Report, encapsulating nearly 700 trends across 16 volumes. This ambitious compilation offers a deep dive into the technologies shaping our future, providing a panoramic view of emerging innovations across various sectors. Available for download in both segmented volumes and as a complete report, this resource serves as a critical tool for professionals and enthusiasts keen on staying ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Source: Future Today Institute.

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